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Mirror Photo Booth Rental in Pleasant Garden NC

A selfie mirror camera is a unique entertainment product for the photo booth niche. The height of the mirror is an indulging experience that lets guests see their full body size. The magic screen that flashes animations and guides usage has an enchanting mirror quality.

The camera is usually behind two-way mirrors and shoots through with a high-powered lighting system. The best mirror photo booth rental in Pleasant Garden NC will include all the features of a traditional booth and the extra magic of the mirror addition. 

Comparison between a mirror and a traditional photo booth

Both options have great qualities. It is unfair to state that one supersedes the other in regards to performance. The preference depends on what qualities one desires for the photo session. The desired experience will determine the anticipated performance of both. Here is the technical break down that will help you make an educated choice. 

Traditional booths

These options have nostalgic shooting experience. You get to step inside for photo sessions. The most notable benefits of the opportunity include the following:

  • A chance to choose between the white and black imaging

  • Taking three pictures with a five-second countdown between each session

  • Option to take a photo series by recording a video message for anyone in the audience

  • They have a USB transfer option for images and videos

  • You can choose between the 2 x 6 or 4 x 6 print outs

Mirror booths

Mirror booths have modernity, which is not present in the traditional models. There is a high probability that the older generation among our families and friends does not have experience of using the mirror setups available from Cool Cliq.

  • The length of the LED touch screen blends well with any theme of the event’s décor. You do not have to worry about the oddness of the booth in a high-end luxurious event with glamorous settings

  • You can see your full body image by using the full-length mirror. The interactive prompts are excellent for motivated fun shots with friends

  • You can sign your name or add a phrase by signing in to the touch screen. The edition feature also allows you to draw in creation with any color option, such as neon or standard colors

  • Mirror booth technology is excellent for indoor events because of the magnified reflection effect

  • The mirror booth rental in Pleasant Garden NC has more animated components. These are run by software which comprises of GIF, short video customization powers and filters

  • The multi-lingual interface of an advanced mirror booth makes everyone feel at home

  • Mirror booths can print an exact number of printouts. The number can also match the number of people in the photo session – a selfie will have one print, a couple's shoot will have two photos, and a group photo of ten people will have ten copies

  • Mirror booths can take a precise picture at a much shorter period 

The similarity between the booths

  • There is an option of signing on photos or albums

  • Both choices produce digital and physical images

  • You will get immediate print outs at the site of the shoot

  • Each booth has a novelty that matches the desired theme of the client

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