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Photo Booth in Triad

A Cool Cliq in the triad is unlike any photo booth you have experienced Our booths create a professional experience with high quality images in carefully tailored surroundings. Obtain the power of a professional photographer in a creative, self-service space with Cool Cliq.

Are there still photo booths?

Photo booths seem to be everywhere in the movies. They are in amusement parks, theaters, malls, and even the occasional themed restaurant.

Just as in your favorite romantic movie, photo booths really are prevalent. Booths are an expanding business with companies providing rentals for weddings and other events starting as low as $551. Some owners earn up to $200,000 per year.

Is there a better photo booth for my event?

The typical booth is a full enclosure with a single seat and a nearly outdated camera. Many were installed in the 1990s or earlier.

With so much potential it is odd that the typical booth promotes cliché settings with little room for your creativity. That is not the case with Cool Cliq. Our cameras allow you to create the atmosphere you want in a fun and easy to use package.

Photo booths in the selfie era

Photo booths today need to compete with cell phones. You want an experience and a booth allows you to tailor your customer’s experience directly to an event.

Your customers want to feel that they are obtaining value. Our booths provide with customizable settings, a camera that sells, and an experience that ties everything together.

We offer anyone the ability to create a selfie, capturing the spirit of the age rather than fighting against it. Customers will enjoy working with our product to create something unique. Capture the spirit of your event or establishment.

Popular events for a wedding

Wedding events are memorable. People want to remember their special day. Among the most popular ways to capture your wedding in the North Carolina triad is with a photo booth.

Adding a booth to your event has become increasingly popular over the last decade Web searches for photo booths now outstrip those for DJs.

What types of photo booths are available?

Cool Cliq offers an open air and mirror option for any important event. Open air booths utilize the backdrop of your event while mirror booths create a personal experience.

We offer multiple packages to fit any need. Our gold, platinum, and diamond options come with attendants, setup and breakdown, backdrops, and unlimited prints.

Where can I find a photo booth for my event in North Carolina

Cool Cliq in the triad offers superior quality photography in a highly customizable setting. We take care of nearly every aspect of setup, teardown, and operation with several different packages. There is no better way to personalize a memory than with a photo booth.

Whether you are running a grand opening, prom, wedding, convention, or sales meeting, we are available. Get in touch with our experts today to setup a state-of-the-art photo booth that ever guest will enjoy.

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