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Photo Booth in Triad NC

Photo booths are an essential part of most occasions. They are a great way to stir up fun and have the guests want to keep eternal keepsakes. People will hire a photo booth service for hefty prices simply because they want high-quality photos. One needs to have an abundance of crafty ideas that will make the most of the rental service. 

Cool Cliq has a wide variation of backdrops and lighting setups that will add to the desired effect. Here is how you can tweak the configuration a bit more for a personalized result. These creatives are easy to set up. They will add personality to events like birthday, weddings, baby showers, and anniversaries.  

Creativity for photo booth rentals

Chalkboard photo booth

The best creativity will have handwritten feelings and emotions. It is this reason that makes people write up letters or scribble a couple of thoughts on a card. 

Begin by finding memorable catchphrases of the event’s main characters or inspirations that highlight the event. Throw in some jokes to make the photo highly memorable. Fill in the vertical and horizontal sides, leaving the center as a stage for people to pose. Use high-quality pens and boards to supplement our high-quality photo booth. 


Glitter will add glam to an otherwise regular and dull photo booth in Triad NC. You can substitute the humble foils and backdrops with one of our glittery alternatives. Talk to our office to understand your options in choosing the best glittery sparkle for a photo booth in Triad NC.

Draping frames

A photo booth is a décor at the party. Draping fabric is a sultry and straightforward addition to a photoshoot. The idea will complement events in sunny areas or seasons, and dreamy locations at the beach. Another aspect that should inspire this setup is a wedding or anniversary event. Draping and flowing curtains have a romantic and peaceful demeanor that liven up emotions. 

Alternatives to draping curtain clothes are hanging jewels for a dreamy and eccentric feel. You can use long paper strips for an outdoor photo session for a more playful and sunny effect. Choose more than one color with similar hues if you want a magical appeal that resembles the rainbow.


String lights

Many people who use string lights want to create a starry and party-like backdrop. The results of using poorly setup backdrops will are poor results of photo sessions. 

Cool Cliq has several party-like themes and setups that will liken string lights. You can be creative by asking about various colors, which can complement the idea of the event or your attire and style. 


These additions are perfect for a child’s birthday event, or a gender-reveal party. Scatter groups of balloons along the horizontal of the frame to create a full celebratory effect. Guests will have fun maneuvering through the setup. 

A gender-reveal photoshoot is a more fun setup of photo sessions. You can include colored dust of either pink and blue colors and bus them throughout the photo sessions. Our cameras have a fast and high precision setting that will capture all moments with high definition quality.

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