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Photo Booth Rental in Forest Oaks NC

One of the most significant debates one can have before hiring a photo booth is how an enclosed photo booth compares to an open-air booth. The battle recognizes that an enclosed photo booth has a more classical touch, whereas an open-air both have a fun, exotic appeal.

What is an enclosed booth?

This option will have the four standard walls of a solid or fabric material. Most enclosed booths have a capacity limit of four people. Larger booths can fit approximately ten people.

What are the advantages of an enclosed booth?


You will feel as though you are on a private photoshoot when you step away from prying eyes. The privacy of the booth fosters comfortability and enjoyment by friends and family. Shy people do not have to worry about the observant eyes of other people at the event. You can get as goofy or creative as you desire for yourself or your most trusted guests.

Easily visible

It is impossible to miss the setup of an enclosed booth while at a crowded gathering. Our professionals also include indicators that alert onlookers on the presence of a booth.


You can sense the change of environment when you use this photo booth variation. It is worthwhile to use one that drives off traffic by drawing on curtains or other forms of barricades.

What you need to know before using an enclosed booth version

An enclosed booth requires specific preparatory procedures. You have to ensure that even the most prominent indoor venues have enough space for a photo booth. Luckily, Cool Cliq has fully covered installation and break down services.

Color scheme

This requirement is essential for both enclosed and open-air booths. A standard choice is black and white. Consider something more specific for a unique effect at a themed event. 

Best places for an enclosed photo booth rental in Forest Oaks NC

  • Private parties

  • Indoor weddings

  • Indoor corporate functions

What is an open-air photo booth?

These setups will usually have a backdrop and lack the sidewalls. It is also possible for the booth to lack a backdrop. The design of open-air stalls tends to be sleeker than that of enclosed booths. This condition is because - booths are a recent invention.

Benefits of using open-air booths

Consumes less space

Open-air stalls take up less space because they have fewer installation features.


Our photo booth rental in Forest Oaks NC has high-end features and stylings. The minimalism adds to the elegance of any event, unlike the bulkiness of an enclosed booth.

Gives more space

The most significant benefit of an open-air booth is the lack of sidewalls. It is possible to snap the photos of more than fifty people in a single shot. 

What you need to know before using an open-air booth

Lack of privacy

Privacy is not a notable feature of these booths. The world can see when you attempt to make a silly face or get close to a romantic partner.

They are easily dismissible

A small setup is difficult to identify. You should consider one with a backdrop or with a sign that attracts the attention of by-passers.

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