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Photo Booth Rental in High Point NC

There is no better method to plan a birthday party, work function, or wedding than planning around the entertainment aspects. Cool Cliq has several rental packages, which will complement all sorts of themes. Here are a couple of conditions to keep into consideration while choosing one of our pre-designed setups. 

The venue

Our photo booth setups are elegant and sleek choice for any photoshoot. It is, therefore, critical that you pick a color setup, which will stand out and look great in the chosen venue. Additionally, confirm with the venue’s managers about the permissions of using a photo booth. 

Aesthetics of the booth

Consider the space and feel you want to create with the photo sessions. Photo booths tend to take up plenty of space and may end up crumpling a small one. A photo rental in High Point NC that resembles a red carpet event will take up plenty of space. The overall aesthetic of the event will determine how much space will look good at your event. 

Quality of printed photos

One of the best ways to hire a photo booth is by enquiring about the details of the print photos. You want to ensure that your guests can take home high-quality images that will also last a long time.

Our different photo session packages include unlimited printing options. The size of the photos will depend on Cool Cliq’s choices and the pre-meditated option. 


Most people want to keep the value of the photo booth rental service as low as possible. The available packages variate with the various included services and products. The Diamond package has the highest fee and will consist of a vanity lighting setup. We have enough props to add glam to any event. Bringing other accessory items will ensure you have enough options for the theme. 

How to choose a photo booth rental in High Point NC

Settling on one company for rental services is a tough call. The winner should have enough options for you to have a holistic shooting session.


Prime quality of the best rental is one that allows personal customization. Immersing attendees in a blank and monotonous session throughout the day is a waste of the rental service. All our rental services enable the client to add in ideas that showcase the desired look.

Interactive elements

There is a lot of power in sharing photos through social media. These social platforms are a gateway to abundant and fruitful collaborations. Use a photo booth that integrates the top social media share plugins, among other types. Ensure that the booth has a hashtag for your particular event or shoot session. Other interactive elements include GIFs and editable green screen backgrounds.


A photo booth that does not have enough high-quality definition is a waste of both money and time. The highest quality of photos will not have transparency or bubbling. Be sure to do a more vigilant analysis when looking for a photo booth that will serve in outdoor settings.

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