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Photo Booth Rental in Jamestown NC

What does one do when they finally book a photo booth rental in Jamestown NC? It would be futile to have a booth that does not serve its whole purpose because of underutilization. You have to make plans for the following aspects after booking a booth.

  • How are you planning to use the booth?

  • What time of the event do you intend to use the booth?

  • Where will you place the booth?

Steps towards preparing for photo sessions at the booth?

Figure out the why

One needs to identify at least one reason why they need the booth at an event. The why of any task precedes the answer of how you will use it where you will place the setup. Here are a few scenarios that motivate the usage of a photo booth at an event.

  • The host of a charity event will want attendees to capture highlighted connections of a giveaway

  • A couple will enjoy taking pictures at a wedding, as will their friends and family

  • A corporate event will stress the recognition of the most outstanding staff of the year

  • A birthday event will emphasize making the birthday candidate the star of a photo session 

Stir participation

A good host will single out the most people on a guest list to begin the photo session. This strategy will motivate other people to want an equal chance of participation at the booth. Here are a few ideas on how you should run a photo session at a gathering.


Announce the availability if the booth at the beginning of the event. Including a mention in the pamphlet is a sure way of alerting the crowd. You will have an opportunity to draw attention to the booth by sharing more details on the event’s social media announcement. Including images of fun, props tend to incite enthusiasm and anticipation.


Visual cues like posters can guide the guests towards the location of the booth. This case is especially necessary if you have a mostly populated venue. Additionally, the organizers may choose to place the booth at the side for sessions such as the bride walking down the aisle. Identifying the placement of the booth at the entrance point of an event eases the searching endeavor.

Hold a contest

People love participating in good competition. Figure out whether introducing a game will make the guests excited to queue for a shoot. Including prizes at the end of a photo session will inspire creativity. The contest will have a more powerful impact on the making of memories.

Outline the details

The details of the setup will lay the base of each photo session. The good news is that figuring out the best circumstances is a personalized condition. Here are a few tips to help in choosing the most complimentary setup.

  • Chose a backdrop that appeals to you at first glance

  • Gather suggestions from other organizers of the event

  • Consider a customization service by Cliq Cool

  • Analyze other photo booth rentals in Jamestown NC

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